-> It’s very rewarding for one’s ego to be friends with a dog, for a dog will tolerate enormous amounts of shitty behavior from people without judging them. Because dogs are Saints!
-> A dog’s way of loving a human says a lot about the dog’s extraordinary ability to love (and not so much about the human they love).
-> One needs different skills in order to maintain a beautiful friendship with another human being. Because people are full of flaws.
-> In a friendship with another human being, one must constantly improve their forgiveness, caring, participation, availability, understanding, support.
-> One must master more Asking and less Assuming, more Communicating and less Silencing, more Giving and less Expecting, more Togethering and less Hiding, more Being and less Pretending, more Loving and less Judging.
-> When and how a human being loves another human being, says a lot about the lover and less about the loved one. The lover is a loving person, meanwhile the loved one is only a lucky subject.
-> Friendshits are somewhat useful: they will teach one to appreciate true Friendships.