now and then

– When I’m not trying to write a poem –

Just as a gleamy pink pearls neckless, the carousel, the plastic horse,

the tiny coral seats, the lullaby, while spinning do they sparkle, do they shine.

The plastic spinning horse reminds me of the sense of time.

It’s not another clockwork thought, but life itself.

No wheel, no mill, no circle, no round shape I could name.

Just an idea, a cloud upon a mind, a tied up belt around the crazy wheelchair.

How many times and for how long.

Without a question mark, for it is not a question, but a statement.

There’s no quantity when talking about Time,

except for when we feel it’s not enough,

or when we’re almost out of it.


2008: photoshop mouse drawing _____________ 2007: water colors _______________2005: carbon pencil

now and then