written in 1999

question 1:
how can i heal my broken wings
in this ocean of broken hearts?
new life:
a new born devil, here i am.
i need darkness for my eyes
and some lies
to feed my smiles.
i’m so tempted by the fire
that my eyes are burning flames
spreading heat, smoke and desire
through the devil’s bloody games.
answer 1:
i’m counting my thoughts
as if they were the last days of my life.
a sentence broken from our silent speech.
you’re the only one word left unspoken.
unfinished childhood, misty dreams suspended nowhere
have all been forgotten in the morning.
i’m searching among all my lives
but you’re not to be found.
a trecut timpul pe langa mine:
gemea la fiecare pas.
il durea ceva.
a ramas in urma lui o aroma de brad violet
impins prin abur inspre cer.
miroase a noapte fara luna,
a intuneric dens, palpabil.
ai trecut si tu pe langa mine,
ai spus ca n-o sa treaca niciodata ce-avem noi doi.
si te-ai topit in urma mea.
pe marea verde-amaruie
vantul scrie cu valuri
stranii scrisori ondulate.
pentru cine.
in alb, ceva mai sus,
pescarusii scriu despre iubire.
i think i was happy today.
by mistake i’m sure.
i could taste something else
after the long ages
of rusty anger.
all the sky entered my stomach
i guess they call it love,
but i’m not sure.
it smells like snow
it tastes like a smile
is it real.
it’s so fast
i can barely touch it.
written in 1999